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As the demand for technical furniture such as multimedia lecterns, podiums, ADA desks, audio rack cabinets and instructor consoles has exploded in recent years, AvinED Technical Furnishings, Inc. has been at the forefront of this industry putting to work over 30 years of custom woodworking experience to meet the needs of our customers in the fields of education, corporate, government and military training. AvinED Multimedia Lecterns and Podiums are built by true professionals with years of experience. throughout the manufacturing process.

Classroom Teacher Furniture

Including lecterns, podiums and desks are built to meet the needs of today’s technology and collaborative classrooms.

Lecterns & Podiums AvinED Lecterns and Podiums

Are the ultimate in "Furniture for Technology" design. Our products are aesthetically pleasing products and are always built to furniture-quality standards.

Podium Desk Combinations Podium Desk Combinations

Are ADA compliant and meet the demands and requirements of all larger smart classrooms, auditoriums, and lecture halls.

Multimedia Desks Multimedia ADA Desks

AvinED's Multimedia Smart Classroom Desks meet the demands and requirements of both the teacher, as well as all ADA requirements.

Rolling Media Cart Rolling Media Carts

Our mobile multimedia carts and rolling storage units are expertly crafted to our exacting quality standards and feature a highly functional design.

AV Rack System AV Rack Systems

We have used our experience to design stylish, durable, and functional AV rack systems and cabinets for today’s businesses, colleges and universities

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AvinEd Lecterns & Podiums