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Multimedia ADA Desks

AvinED's Multimedia Smart Classroom Desks meet the demands and requirements of both the teacher, as well as all ADA requirements. Our multimedia podiums, multimedia lecterns and desks are specifically designed to accommodate your AV technology equipment needs so that you are able to do exactly what you need to in the classroom. With a desk that doubles as an AV Equipment Rack and CPU tower Computer space; there is no need for any additional teacher furniture in the classroom.

Our multimedia podiums and desks can be sit/stand fixed height or automatic and manual height adjustable making them perfect for many classrooms, training rooms, or collaborative learning environments and for many different instructing styles. These desks can be ordered and configured to fit any need required.



Rolling Media Cart Rolling Media Cart Rolling Media Cart





Rolling Media Cart Rolling Media CartRolling Media Cart

Multimedia Desks
Classroom ADA Desk
Model# CAD
Multimedia Desks
ADA Compliant Classroom Desk
Model# MPD67
Multimedia Desks
ADA Height Adjustable Desk
Model# HAD
  BlackRolling Media Cart Rolling Media CartRolling Media Cart
  ADA Teacher Desk
Model# ATD

AvinED’s expertise and experience enables us to work with you to help you determine what multimedia podium or desk will best fit your particular situation and how you can customize and configure the unit to exceed your technical furnishing expectations.

For more information on AvinED’s Multimedia Podiums and ADA Desks, call us today at 724-274-5470.


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