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AV Rack Systems

AvinED understands the constraints that can be placed on schools and offices by the rapidly increasing amount of expensive, delicate technology and audio visual equipment. We recognize that you have to safely and securely store your equipment in often very limited space.

To help solve this challenge for our customers, we have used our experience to design stylish, durable, and functional AV rack systems and cabinets for today’s businesses, colleges and universities, who often have equipment to store, but never enough space.



AV Rack AV Rack AV Rack


AV Rack AV Rack

AV Rack Cabinet
Model# ARC
Mobile Storage Cabinet
Model# MCS-AS/RR-R
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Traditional metal rack cabinets may be acceptable for the closet, but in the exposed meeting or classroom, an AV Rack system from AvinED for your secure storage needs is an absolute must. These units can be ordered in any wood or laminate finish or finished to match your room. Our equipment AV Rack Systems and cabinets are built to furniture quality standards when appearance is just as important as function.


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